Your Tech Friend

Everyone should have access to affordable tech support

Our Whys

Over Sarah's 15+ year in the IT field many friends and family members have asked her advice and help with technology in their homes. So many had asked, in fact, that she started her blog to help more people at once. Still people would ask her to come to their homes with specific issues and problems requesting her help in fixing them. Not everyone has a friend like Sarah, but now you can! As our homes get more complicated with technology, Sarah decided it was time for her to offer her professional level services to home users. She truly believes that everyone should have access to quality tech support, and now she is offering it!

Our Team

Sarah Kimmel

Sarah's career in IT started in 2003 when she quickly became the head of the IT department for a local home builder. She went on to work for a few different Managed Services Providers, who support several small businesses. She is extremely passionate about helping families understand and get the most out of technology.